Nourishing Face Mask


Face mask rich in nourishing active ingredients, specially formulated for dry or impoverished skin. Its active ingredients include pomegranate seed oil, with anti-wrinkle properties thanks to its high content of natural antioxidants, which act against free radicals, delaying the signs of skin ageing, and punicic acid, which promotes the thickening of the outermost dermis layer, thus helping to strengthen the supporting tissues. It responds to the need to obtain, with constant use, an adequately moisturised skin, smooth and soft. Its ingredients, with a moisturising and anti-age action, give the skin greater compactness and elasticity.

  • Action: nourishing, anti-ageing, purifying, moisturising, illuminating
  • Main ingredients: Pomegranate Seed Oil, Punicic Acid
  • Suitable for dry or impoverished skinHelps ensure the right amount of moisturising and anti-ageing substances day after day
  • Format: 50 ml
  • Optimised effectiveness when used together with: Nourishing Face Oil and Nourishing Cream


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